Sharing our dreams.. Tannis Hugill

Global Virtual Event  -Authentic Movement October 4, 2015
I light candles and ring the bell
I offer a prayer for all those dead in Oregon and for all those whose deaths are caused by hate.
 15 minutes at approximately 12:30 pm
 MovingI stand facing northwest
My head swings left beginning a series of swings
Arms passive to my sides
My left hand lifts – palm up and rests in mid-air
My head lifts – chest opens
My thoughts go to my car accident and fear alerts my upper body’s movements
There is pain emerging in my neck
My left hand covers my ear 
My head bows
The words “there  there….”
My left hand reaches out palm up
I am aware there are many witnesses
This brings comfort.

I stand, arms hang at my sides, feet and legs rooted

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