Sharing our dreams from Alison Buck

Greetings on this world wide honoring of Mary Starks Whitehouse’s birthday!  In honor of the day, I am sharing several things. 
Here are links to the article on the website of my homeopathic colleague, Anneke Hogeland, who with another colleague, Judy Shriebman, has written a remarkable article on the making of a homeopathic remedy that began as a healing intention.  I participated in that process, along with a number of homeopaths, some of whom are international.  You will need to go to each of the following three links to get the full story:

You will see in the third link above, if you scroll to the section of my account of some experiences I had in making the remedy, that we began the whole process with me facilitating an Authentic Movement session with the homeopaths.  This is probably the first time that has happened, and it is one of the ways I envision realizing my wish for Authentic Movement.

In the second link above, you will see among many, an excerpt of a case I shared, in which I reported what happened in giving this remedy made from the healing intention of cancer.

Overall, I think you will also see in the creative work that was done in conjunction with the making (aka “proving”) of the remedy,  that there was a creative forming process occurring quite spontaneously, and it has a lot in common with what happens in Authentic Movement.  And you may see other things about this remarkable work that you can relate to, from your experiences in Authentic Movement.

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