Arriving to my seventies I want to thank my peer group: Oceano (Marcia Plevin, Antonella Monteleone, Anna Weatherhogg, Maria Luis Merlo, Piera Pieracini, Antonella Adorisio, Leonella Parteli) we have been moving together for 25 years, since the time of the retreats guided by Janet Adler in Tuscany. We have been witnessing each other along the different phases of our life.
In these days, feeling the distant but strong connection with all the A.M. community, and particularly with my peer group, I could see my fear loosen the grip, less fear about the unknown, about the future, about the crisis in the world
On October 4th, the International authentic movement day, at the end of a short practice with Simonetta Cianca
“I find a stable vertical axis and a clear direction for my eyes. I am turning and turning slowly while my arms open and close, caressing the world and turning after to my center. Finally my movement stops, I am listening to my heart, I notice some emotional intensity yet. I wait for peace” So I find my dream for the A. M. Community: all of us trying to develop our consciousness us a humble contribution for stability, clear direction, compassion and peace in the world.

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Elizabeth Reid said...

I wonder if anyone else is so touched to see all these pictures of our groups who have worked together for many years... I did not anticipate what an amazing treat that would be. ~~~Elizabeth