by Gary Brian a contribution to honor Aileen Crow

Hi, I would like to contribute the following to the writing on the Authentic Movement Blog honoring Aileen Crow. Thank you very much.
Gary Brian
I'm super proud of the relationship Aileen and I have developed over the years. Her generous nature has encouraged a dynamic that has evolved from one of "teacher-student" to one of peers and genuine friends and has enabled us to grow together as the "parts" of each other that we truly are. The brilliance of her wisdom and experience is inextricably etched into my mental and physical consciousness. Aileen is a true goddess and will forever be one of my favorite and most cherished "parts" and I feel eternally grateful for that, and for her.
One of the many wonderful techniques Aileen has taught me is to help flesh out and explore my feelings on a certain topic or issue by spontaneously writing words or phrases which I associate with it, so in her honor, I've chosen her as the topic this time and listed some of the words and ideas that came to mind. Ideally I would like to write them in bright colorful crayons in a circle with her as the center, so while the limits of this format allow only a list, please picture them as I've just described!

Thank you Aileen! by Martha Lask

Aileen has inspired me! When we worked together on the Blog she brought a wonderful, “why not” curiosity. The openness with which she approached our Blog work helped me expand my thinking about what might be possible…Along those lines, I paid her a visit a couple of years ago, thinking that we might do some movement together. On a whim, just before I left the house, I threw some of my drawings into my bag, (circles and spirals of different color patterns). Once at Aileen’s, as I looked at the wonderful calligraphy on fabric that she was doing, I pulled out my drawings. She generously went through every one, giving me such enthusiastic feedback…I was both touched and pleased. Ever since, inspired by her work and her enthusiasm, I have been incorporating lettering into my drawings. Aileen’s encouragement and wonderful witnessing attention, started me on a whole new path for which I am so grateful! Happy Birthday, Aileen! Love, Martha Lask

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with love from Carol Zahner

                                       Aileen moving in sync with the wall graffiti!

A sample of Aileen's calligraphy

A comment from Nina Kungurova about Aileen and Paula Sager

Dear Elizabeth!

Thank you so much for all this information! It was very useful to read material of Paula Seger. I know her great researching about Witness Consciousness. And I send my congratulations to Aileen Crow! I don't know her personally but when I read all these stories, I feel myself as a part of a big community..

Here, in Russia, in June we will organize the International Laboratory of Authentic Movement for the russian-speaking community. This is our annual meeting for people who practice the Authentic Movement. In this year it will be already the 6th meeting..

I send you warm wishes.
And thank you for all that you doing!
Nina Kungurova

From Fiona Brandon for Aileen

When I think of Aileen in my mind’s eye I see her big beautiful smile, then the sparkle in her eyes.
Both of which encouraged me to open up to myself and to her as my witness. Aileen was a most powerful guide for me into my internal labyrinth.
She so lovingly made space for me to move and to experience ways of relating to myself and to the world I did not know were possible.
She encouraged me. Was quiet with me. Laughed with me. Was amazed with me. Stood by me.
What a woman!
Thank you amazing Aileen! Sending lots of love,
Fiona Brandon, MA
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Offices in SF and Rockridge

Dear Aileen- from Paula Sager

How perfect that your birthday is in May when life is unstoppably bursting forth.
How inconceivable that you are 88 years old—you are truly a perennial being!!
I have known and treasured you since the winter of 1986, when I arrived at your door as a wounded dancer
for an Alexander Technique session that would change my life. Later that evening, I wrote in my journal,: "I have found a teacher."
I also wrote. "She wore mauve pants and a loose flowing shirt and looks like she's eternally been the way she is now."
Maybe that was my way, then, of describing the extraordinary quality of your presence; your lit up and warm interest in surprising nuances and details of my (and many others) inner body, mind, and life experience.
I cherish your big open heart, your laughter and little yummy sounds when something nourishes or delights you, your deep and abiding curiosity, and your attention to and love for our barely discernable (at first) oddities, our hidden parts longing for visibility, eager to be known.
And I remember, at the end of my experience with you that first day, words that come to me often:


Much Love,

Aileen by Lou Ann Baylock

There are so many memories, thoughts and feelings that come to mind when I think of Aileen.

 My mind pops with memories: 

·   Meeting Aileen for the first time in Manhattan where she taught me “the spiral!”  I walked around for days feeling new!
·   Aileen’s relationship advice: Aileen pointed out to me gently and kindly that joints work best when there is space between them!  She also encouraged me to give good relationships a chance – and that has led to a happy, twenty-four year marriage.
·    Sentics, art, color, tears, laughter, “kitten piles” and “lily time” . . .
·    Watching a video together of women during natural childbirth that deeply and positively influenced the birthing experience of my sons.
·     Her love toward me-  especially when I have been sad or vulnerable:
·    Her full, soft, enveloping hug when my cat, Beauty, died.
·   The tone of her voice when I was going through a hard time with one of my sons
·   The sense of always being seen and heard when in her presence.


The things I learned from Aileen make up the essence of who I am as a therapist, but most importantly, Aileen opened up a new freedom of movement for me – and made room for my spirit and my joy in the room. She welcomed and encouraged the 20-year-old woman I was to be bigger and louder and less apologetic. 

 My experience of Aileen (expressed in sound and movement) is to have a soft, expansive, open chest and loose “figure 8” hips in a room full of women’s laughter and tears  - followed by a good meal with chocolate for dessert! 

 Thank you, Aileen!
 Lou Ann Baylock

Happy Birthday from Jess Glenny

Dear Aileen,

I've never met you in person, but I have been inspired by your writings on your own processes - they are so wonderfully daft, creative and revelatory. Wishing you a very happy birthday.



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For Aileen Crow by Annette Geiger

When I moved to New York in the early 80s, the only thing on my mind was to play music. Soon after my arrival, I took a workshop in Alexander Technique with Ann Rodiger. As a flute player, I had physical issues about how to breathe and stand well while playing. After the workshop and some private lessons, I was so fascinated by the technique that I wanted to become a teacher myself. But how would I find the right school, the right teacher? I consulted the phone book and found many entries. The name Aileen Crow attracted me—it sounded just right for me. I will never forget when I first saw Aileen as she opened the door. I knew I had found my teacher. 
Aileen wanted me to check out different schools in New York as well as in Switzerland. She was very clear about her different approach to training people. The Alexander-world neglected her training. I experienced the same attitude when I moved back to Switzerland in 1987. Then, as well as today, I highly respect her for being so clear, open and true. I had to make a choice and take responsibility for the consequences. I never regretted it. Her training was so rich. At that time the trainings in AT were rather limited to “getting in and out of chair”. Aileen’s approach to the principles of the Alexander Technique offered so many more ways and combinations. She made unexpected connections and had us looking for different associations. 
Every client who comes to see us is unique and deserves a personal approach. Aileen certainly is a master of approaching every human being in a unique way. 
Aileen taught me to listen to my body, mind and soul - investigate unconventional ways - look for the whole range of emotions - trust my feelings - accept – look for unexpected signs – use all my senses – use the information of sounds, colors, textures, smells and tastes – listen without knowing what I will hear – feel what might be very scary – always look and find a way out of difficult situations in life – create – act different personalities – surprise myself – use figures – ask questions – undulate – find endless spirals in the body – paint – write – use my voice – be artistic – fall apart and be whole – live in a luxurious life without having to spend a million dollars – not know – go into traumas courageously – stand up when it gets difficult – feel weak – ride on my breath – fall into the sand – travel on a cloud – dance into wisdom – keep searching – stay curious – imagine – trust my inspirations.
Dear Aileen, all that and much more is who you are and how you live your life. I love you for that. And I am very honored that you came into my life and you still are a friend and a teacher.   Congratulation to your birthday, dear Aileen!   May all your wishes and dreams come true in their best possible version! I send you all my love and dancing hugs over the ocean! 

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