Sharing our dreams from Nina Kungurova many locations in Russia with responses!

many circles
many meetings
to hold the thread of connection
to celebrate International Authentic Movement Day
with gratitude
from Russia

Greetings from our Authentic Movement group in Groningen, The Netherlands. Wishing you all the best! 
Jaques van Eijden

What a great idea so share locations! Fa Winsborough here from an Antonio TX, USA. Greetings!!!!

Nina Kungurova Elizabeth Reid Thank you!.. One group hold the lists of writings about Authentic Movement dreams. Another group hold the letters to oneself in future.
Elizabeth Reid Wow. I would love to read these.
Nina Kungurova Elizabeth ReidFa Winsborough It's possible! I received some writings from participants! "I dream elderly people could practice AM in order to regenerate trust, contact with their bodies and eagerness to perceive" (Olga, Perm). "I dream of a community likeminded people, where we could express all planes of our souls in AM" (Lena, Kazan). "I dream of a group of people in Kazan investigating an AM process as an art form, as a performance" (Alfiya, Kazan). 
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Fa Winsborough Marvelous!
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Elizabeth Reid Yes. Thank you!

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