Sharing our dreams from Paula Sager

October 4th - Here in Tiverton, Rhode Island, less than ten miles from the southern New England coastline of the Atlantic, I light a candle in honor and celebration of Mary Whitehouse and her offering of Authentic Movement.
 Moving alone and WITH ALL who join from around the world. Feeling the thread, the circle, the mystery of invisible connection. 
 And so much gratitude to my teachers, my colleagues, my students, and all who carry and love this work—to mover-consciousness, witness consciousness, and the grace of unitive states of being, to knowing and not knowing, to space and time, to light and darkness, to my inner witness, to your presence and absence, to all that arises in relationship to self, to others, and to all that remains hidden. 
May the seeds planted by Mary continue unfolding in reach, deep, diverse ways. May the heart, soul and spirit of this work meet those who are seeking it.

Love, Paula

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