Oct 5 Authentic Movenment virtual communication from Aileen Crow

My colleague Annette Geiger, from Zurich, and I skype frequently, taking turns moving /sounding and witnessing AM. We met on October 5 and after we did our usual trade, we continued moving and sounding together, now with the intention of  connecting with our whole AM community on the planned “virtual reality” gathering.

First off, I had a strong feeling that I wanted my “best” to connect with all of your “best”.
In my own personal process, it is becoming clear to me that in the absence of trauma, INTRINSIC HEALTH IS THE NORM.  I associate intrinsic health with being at home in spontaneity (AM), and being at home in love rhythms. To me, that’s the “best”.
Words came to me and out of me:  “Make room for all your parts!”
These were words I took in from Luly Santangelo, the leader of a dance therapy group I was in many years ago.

Make room for ALL my Parts? ALL my projections? ALL my emotions?

I remember that we live in a patriarchy which is engaged in a war against women; men like Chaffetz, who are out to Defund Planned Parenthood and deny women the right to their own bodies, making abortion and contraception illegal.

Is the nasty, rude Chaffetz a Part of me? Can I make room for that Part of me?

My training with Shirley Turcotte on transforming trauma helps here. It reminds me that I have vicariously identified with the traditional belief that women are victims. We have been brainwashed to believe that, shamed and blamed, and trained to trash ourselves.  I “see” the movie vision of gorgeous Rita Hayworth singing, “Put the blame on Mame, boys, put the blame on Mame!”

But it ain't necessarily so! Intrinsic health is the norm, with its spontaneity and being at home in the love rhythm: the “best!”.

And we have excellent models, like Maya Angelou, Amy Goodman, Shirley Turcotte, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Gwen Verdon, Elizabeth Warren, Patti Smith, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Cecile Richards, Mary Whitehouse, Your Name Here!

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