Sharing our dreams... Jaime Weiss, Ingrid Baart

Today is also my birthday. I go to the ocean to say hello and make my prayers for the next year. I sit on the sand on my square of red silk scarf and witness the water. Waves coming in, nipping the feet of the seagulls calmly playing at the shore. I feel awed and excited as each new wave approaches. Then I start to move, and invite the sand and the sky to witness my response to the wild ocean scene. Back and forth, I am mover and witness, accepting blessings and sending them. I'm grateful for this practice that lives spontaneously in my bones.
Jaime Weiss

Special day
garden blues colours
feeling connected
with movers
and nature
and Grand Ladies
while being in the Low Lands
having high hopes
of colourful heart connections
and growth of community.
Ingrid Baart

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