Sharing our dreams Lizbeth Hamlin

Nina from Russia converted the Moving Journal entry into Russian and there are many movers set to participate! How thrilling is this?!!!  Lizbeth Hamlin

Waving your way and hold the thread of connection!!!!

Second round of moving:
I lay on back
arms and legs wide in
an indian summer snow bird pose
while a song bird sings to me
through the open window.
Gravity is pulling me
in this fall light as I begin to
travel around the globe seeing
the light that is entering the
empty spaces, the studios,
the floor boards,
the distant bodies moving.
Tears slide down my face
as my left hand slides along the floor
and finds the ball of red thread---
I pick it up and begin to roll it over
the front of my body, over my belly, my heart.
The ball of red thread is being rubbed and rolled over my entire body as if I can feel all of you everywhere enter this
small studio in N. California.
I am moving with all of you, rolling on the floor in this mysterious connection
as the ball of thread returns to my left hand my offering at the same time as my receiving.
I bow with gratitude to Mary,
to my many teachers, peers, students
those known and unknown movers
and in this stillness my cup of longing----

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