For Aileen Crow by Annette Geiger

When I moved to New York in the early 80s, the only thing on my mind was to play music. Soon after my arrival, I took a workshop in Alexander Technique with Ann Rodiger. As a flute player, I had physical issues about how to breathe and stand well while playing. After the workshop and some private lessons, I was so fascinated by the technique that I wanted to become a teacher myself. But how would I find the right school, the right teacher? I consulted the phone book and found many entries. The name Aileen Crow attracted me—it sounded just right for me. I will never forget when I first saw Aileen as she opened the door. I knew I had found my teacher. 
Aileen wanted me to check out different schools in New York as well as in Switzerland. She was very clear about her different approach to training people. The Alexander-world neglected her training. I experienced the same attitude when I moved back to Switzerland in 1987. Then, as well as today, I highly respect her for being so clear, open and true. I had to make a choice and take responsibility for the consequences. I never regretted it. Her training was so rich. At that time the trainings in AT were rather limited to “getting in and out of chair”. Aileen’s approach to the principles of the Alexander Technique offered so many more ways and combinations. She made unexpected connections and had us looking for different associations. 
Every client who comes to see us is unique and deserves a personal approach. Aileen certainly is a master of approaching every human being in a unique way. 
Aileen taught me to listen to my body, mind and soul - investigate unconventional ways - look for the whole range of emotions - trust my feelings - accept – look for unexpected signs – use all my senses – use the information of sounds, colors, textures, smells and tastes – listen without knowing what I will hear – feel what might be very scary – always look and find a way out of difficult situations in life – create – act different personalities – surprise myself – use figures – ask questions – undulate – find endless spirals in the body – paint – write – use my voice – be artistic – fall apart and be whole – live in a luxurious life without having to spend a million dollars – not know – go into traumas courageously – stand up when it gets difficult – feel weak – ride on my breath – fall into the sand – travel on a cloud – dance into wisdom – keep searching – stay curious – imagine – trust my inspirations.
Dear Aileen, all that and much more is who you are and how you live your life. I love you for that. And I am very honored that you came into my life and you still are a friend and a teacher.   Congratulation to your birthday, dear Aileen!   May all your wishes and dreams come true in their best possible version! I send you all my love and dancing hugs over the ocean! 

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