Dear Aileen- from Paula Sager

How perfect that your birthday is in May when life is unstoppably bursting forth.
How inconceivable that you are 88 years old—you are truly a perennial being!!
I have known and treasured you since the winter of 1986, when I arrived at your door as a wounded dancer
for an Alexander Technique session that would change my life. Later that evening, I wrote in my journal,: "I have found a teacher."
I also wrote. "She wore mauve pants and a loose flowing shirt and looks like she's eternally been the way she is now."
Maybe that was my way, then, of describing the extraordinary quality of your presence; your lit up and warm interest in surprising nuances and details of my (and many others) inner body, mind, and life experience.
I cherish your big open heart, your laughter and little yummy sounds when something nourishes or delights you, your deep and abiding curiosity, and your attention to and love for our barely discernable (at first) oddities, our hidden parts longing for visibility, eager to be known.
And I remember, at the end of my experience with you that first day, words that come to me often:


Much Love,

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