Aileen by Lou Ann Baylock

There are so many memories, thoughts and feelings that come to mind when I think of Aileen.

 My mind pops with memories: 

·   Meeting Aileen for the first time in Manhattan where she taught me “the spiral!”  I walked around for days feeling new!
·   Aileen’s relationship advice: Aileen pointed out to me gently and kindly that joints work best when there is space between them!  She also encouraged me to give good relationships a chance – and that has led to a happy, twenty-four year marriage.
·    Sentics, art, color, tears, laughter, “kitten piles” and “lily time” . . .
·    Watching a video together of women during natural childbirth that deeply and positively influenced the birthing experience of my sons.
·     Her love toward me-  especially when I have been sad or vulnerable:
·    Her full, soft, enveloping hug when my cat, Beauty, died.
·   The tone of her voice when I was going through a hard time with one of my sons
·   The sense of always being seen and heard when in her presence.


The things I learned from Aileen make up the essence of who I am as a therapist, but most importantly, Aileen opened up a new freedom of movement for me – and made room for my spirit and my joy in the room. She welcomed and encouraged the 20-year-old woman I was to be bigger and louder and less apologetic. 

 My experience of Aileen (expressed in sound and movement) is to have a soft, expansive, open chest and loose “figure 8” hips in a room full of women’s laughter and tears  - followed by a good meal with chocolate for dessert! 

 Thank you, Aileen!
 Lou Ann Baylock

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