Thank you

I wanted to thank you (Elizabeth and blog (not green blob) people) for sending me the reminders that we have a blog. I would never look otherwise, and I am always so glad when i do. This way of living in the world, electronically, has some getting used to, I have to admit. With paper (AMJ) somehow the tactile always aroused this sense of relaxation and allowance to drop in long enough to be inspired. I haven't learned yet to live intentionally electronically, alas. it's also kind of antithethical to the form, i'm finding; so easy to peruse, so hard to sink in. how to reconcile.....

but it IS SO GOOOOOD we have this forum. For me, it just means adjusting, reaclimating, switching gears. I should be able to do this more naturally before long. I hope.

I did think of something to contribute. I actually wrote somethng for AMJ years ago about AM moving out of the studio into life. And I lately have been reinspired by my life work, and my time in a narrow kitchen and these awesome, divine moments of AM impact, where I am revealed in all my selfness. an absolutely divine connection graces me. whew. very powerful even if its not AM in its most classic form.

so let me get by this next life hurdle in front of me. and i will mull over what is this experience of living AM outside of a studio in the meantime. Looking forward to writing. and I so appreciate this is here as a forum for us all. I wish not to take it for granted.

And again, thank you for the reminders. The magnanimous, benevolent electronic parent to an errant resistant non-electronic child.

are archetypes always to follow us around? another thing to muse about.

warm wishes,

© 2008 Germaine (Fraser)


Elizabeth Reid from Averill Park, NY said...

The image of us being benevolent electronic parents makes me laugh as we bumble along trying to learn and manage these computer forms. I am so thankful for the fun of being a part of this community.

It occurs to me that at any time the blog can be printed. Just select what you would like and hit print and you will have a hard copy to read. I originally go Roberta's writing in hard copy and it was wonderful to read that way.

At least one reason for the deep gratefulness I feel in this community is the room for all the different ways of expressing ourselves.

I am thankful for a great blog team and the wonderful contributors so far.

Looking forward to more riches.

Anonymous said...

Hello Germaine...I read your blog entry a few weeks ago and wanted to respond then but life pulled me away in that moment - But now I'm back and look, you're still here!

This is so different from the real-time moments in the AM circle where we rarely get second chances. I wonder how the architecture of on-line dialogue will impact the mover-witness relationship within our blog format?

I am curious about the narrow kitchen. I want to know more about the self-witnessing that you allude to here.

Maybe you could share more, mid-life hurdle....

Paula (Sager)