Authentic Movement and Performance

Emma Meehan (Dublin, Ireland)

I am writing my PhD thesis at Trinity College, Dublin, about Irish performer Joan Davis who uses Authentic Movement and Body-Mind Centering to create her performances. The area of Authentic Movement and performance is a vast field. I want to create an overview of the use of Authentic Movement in dance, theatre or film. I wonder if this is possible? Are you a performer who uses AM for performance? Can you tell me about the way in which you use the form to create performance? Can you suggest some people or projects that use AM for performance? I'm looking forward to your help in this research, as I am very excited about what AM has to offer performance.

Emma Meehan


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the replies I have received. Many people have written to tell me how and why they use elements of AM in a performance context. Please keep sending replies, this is valuable and exciting information for my thesis!
Emma Meehan, Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Dear Emma

I just read your blog and was interested to hear about your PhD theme.

You might like to have a look at my website in which I briefly detail some of the outcomes of my own research into Authentic Movement.

In fact I think that you would probably find my research useful as a primary source for your own, as I cover various aspects of performance although I do not relate Joan Davis' work.

My thesis is available from the respective libraries of the University of Plymouth and Dartington College of Arts and is called:

Shared Habitats: The MoverWitness exchange (Goldhahn, 2007)

Should you find difficulty in obtaining the thesis, please let me know and I could forward you a copy on DVD against a small fee to cover expenses.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Warm regards

Eila Goldhahn