I'm new to this...Would love some guidance

Vanessa (Brooklyn, New York)

Hi, I am not sure I can make this post, but hopefully I'll get some guidance either way.
My therapist has brought up the idea of Authentic Movement a few times and it scares me a great deal. I'm overweight and nervous about what I'll look like... I can feel my mind trying to make up movements before I try this, and I know it's not the point of the exercise. I would love some guidance and reassurance. Has anyone experienced the insecurity and anxiety I am talking about?
Thanks for any help!!


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Ann McNeal said...

Vanessa, welcome. I suspect everyone who does AM has self-consciousness and self-critical thoughts at one time or another--I know I did and still do. It's important for me to keep reminding myself that the point of it is to allow movement to arise, not to judge it. And that's what my witnesses will do, too--observe without criticism.

Doing AM encourages me to remember the life can flow like that: spontaneously, with movement and stillness, following impulse.

I hope you will join the AM community, and thanks for posting.


Martha said...

I agree with Ann! In fact, one of the wonderful gifts to me of AM is that I have learned not to judge my movement and then taking that to life outside - not to judge myself. Of course, I still judge sometimes... But much less than I used to! Welcome!

forrest said...

There is fear. There is fear of bringing awareness into the direct contact of all that has been held outside of ordinary awareness, of experiencing the intensity and aliveness of all that we are, of openning into openness itself.

But this openning is a true invitation to become reaquanted with yourself, of openning into the spaciousness of your heart, of falling into the embrace of the love that you are.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, Someone wiser than myself has said to me that when doing authentic movement I am bringing whatever is part of my being, whatever is going on with me right into it. In the beginning and even now, I am sure that much of what I move with, is fear and fear of judgement. It has been amazing to me how just letting it in, just letting it be there, acknowledging how I am when that is what is running in my mind... Well what I mean to say is that witnessing whatever is in a moment, can have great gentleness in it; the gentleness being, that my inner witness does not have any agenda other than careful attention. What I love about this practice is that the outer witnesses are all beings who participate from within their own experience. They too have their inner witnesses who are present and who do not harbor any agenda, except that of careful attention to the layers that come up in the spaces between. It's a precious mystery. I think it might be fair to say that you can expect love to flow into the space that the inner witnesses hold with careful attention. And then out of that perhaps love informs judgement.

Thanks for posting.


Ricki said...

Hi Vanessa,

It sounds like AM might be the perfect, though scary, tool for you, as these are the very things that AM helps to deal with and transform. As an AM group leader (in Brooklyn), I have worked with many many people who have felt this same way. In AM work, the feelings of self-consciousness and self-criticism, and the need to plan ahead are the very things we face and, in effect, challenge (though very gently and with utmost compassion). The discipline is amazing because it allows for a context and a process where these very things begin to lose their grip and thus make space for new ways of living and being in the world. The non-judgmental holding of the witness and the support of the group members allow the mover to trust more and more. I have found that the power of the group -- the safe space created and the incredible support shared, is one of the most transformative aspects of AM. However, very often people who are intimidated by a group begin with individual sessions and then when they feel ready and if it feels right, join a group. This approach seems to have been extremely helpful for many clients I have worked with.

Good luck Vanessa!