Reflection on Inspiration: A Lasting Impression of Aileen Crow by Jayda Cooke

I met Aileen through my grandmother, Tommie Cooke. We would go and have cookies and tea and work on our “sub” personalities. On one particular occasion I had just gotten out of a rough relationship with an equally tumultuous breakup. There has also been a rainstorm and Aileen’s lovely front yard was bright with sunshine and flowers, but also wet and strewn with leaves and branches from the passing storm. As we sat in her kitchen letting the sunshine flow over us we meditated on our subs, letting them speak to us so that we could draw them out and put them into physical form. Suddenly I burst out laughing. I realized that I had experienced a hurricane- my ex was a hurricane! He tore my life apart, leaving me with a broken, soaking wet heart. But, I suddenly saw the calm and beauty that arrives after a storm; the sunshine on the dripping leaves, falling through the dripping water, healing all the broken bits with new life and energy and love. Aileen and my grandmother and my sister (who had come along as well) were the sunshine I needed upon my face and my heart. I laughed so hard and felt such joy. Aileen was so tickled by my reaction and quickly helped me put my experience into physical form. My hurricane “sub” took physical shape as a large doll head with wind-blown whipped hair scattered with leaves and flowers, beauty among destruction. Although I live too far to visit with Aileen I try to take a moment to reflect on my subs and myself when life become particularly frustrating.

Cruciferously yours,
Jayda Cooke
Nutrition Management
College of Health Science and Technology
Rochester Institute of Technology

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