Aileen Crow for the AM Birthday Blog by Paula Gallagher

I first met Aileen Crow in 1983. I was a young dancer in NYC at the time and was beginning to branch out from the modern dance world into what was to become a life long passion, the art of Middle Eastern Belly Dance. I was also just discovering a variety of movement therapies that were gaining popularity and I was interested in training as a teacher of the Alexander technique.

One afternoon while walking on the Upper West Side with my boyfriend, we stopped in front of Aileen’s studio. “You should meet this woman,” he said to me “because she always wears purple.”

I scheduled my first session with Aileen and it was love, light and delight at first sight. We waved and undulated and danced together with such joy and enthusiasm. Aileen connected with the essence of who I am and encouraged and nurtured my growth and creative expression in ways that no one else ever has. Her Alexander teachers training program was one of the richest experiences of my life and that was only the beginning of my magical journey with Aileen Crow.

Aileen continues to “surprise and delight” me with her ever evolving creative spirit. She inspires me to be true to myself and live my life with curiosity, creativity and ecstasy.

I love you Aileen, Happy Happy Birthday!
Paula Gallagher

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