For Aileen’s 88th birthday by Eva Karczag

Aileen, you have been teaching and inspiring me since our very first meeting some three decades ago, when the touch of your hand on my chest opened a flood of feelings that astonished me, especially since your immediate perception of what was going on inside my emotional, as well as physical being was absolutely right on. In the years since, you have invited me to play and share touch and moving, to become your friend as well as your student, to learn from you and dialog with you with utmost generosity.
The longer we know each other, the more you continue to amaze me, teach me, encourage, support and inspire me through the example of your unceasing curiosity and inexhaustible enthusiasm for absorbing the many facets of life inside and around you, through your capacity to stretch the fabric of your knowledge and understanding and extend it limitlessly, through your ability to make connections and weave multiple systems and ideas into excitingly different paradigms, through the way you delight in finding the humorous, and through the absolute joy with which you meet living. You model for me liveliness and abundance as woman, teacher, friend and human being. Thank you.
I wish you a wondrous 88th birthday.
With love always,

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