More on Aileen! from Roberta Whitney

Dear Elizabeth:

What a grand occasion!

Here's my input:

Aileen, happy 88th! I honor you with a memory of our first meeting at Stony
Point some years ago. You were presenting a piece on Authentic Movement and
Focusing. I remember how you artfully guided people through a creative and
rich process. Even more, I recall our conversation afterward, seated at the
end of a long table. In our brief time together, you opened me to a world
of creative inner dialogue that you had recorded in a journal. You also
inspired me through the work you described doing one-on-one with clients in
your studio. Life poured through every image and word. In me there was a
sense of a deepening wisdom and wholeness as I imagined you embracing
yourself and others in a single moment...and then another. Thank you for
the growth you have and continue to inspire in me. May you continue to move
in the rich flow of life throughout your new year.
Roberta Whitney

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