Aileen Crow by Nancy Zendora

I have known Aileen it seems for decades through the Authentic Movement Community and the Laban Community.
For several years we have tried to get together once a year to share movement and catch up with a nice dinner and conversation.

Aileen encouraged me to write about my experiences with voice for the Authentic Movement Journal . I am a choreographer and the artistic Director of the Zendora Dance Company http//

In one of my pieces I create a bird/character that cries out and she was interested in how I found that sound.  Having written about it was very therapeutic for me and also somewhat exciting and I thank her for her interest in helping me and the journal for publishing it.

Aileen is for me a very loving, insightful person who I hold with great reverence. As aging for women has been for a long time a "silent passage" it has been especially significant to see Aileen's power and intensity in her chronological challenges.

She is someone to love and honor and I am happy to add to the list of her admirers.

Nancy Zendora

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