Higher Self Sits by Jane Blount

Dear Elizabeth,

I'd like to share this poem that I wrote for my friend, DeviKirn in honor of her 49th birthday gathering which celebrated her entering into the 7th, seven year cycle of life.  DeviKirn has been one of the space holders, and organizers of a weekly dance jam gathering in Encinitas, CA called Dance Church Encinitas.  
Two years ago she invited me to facilitate a monthly Authentic Movement class on the first Sunday of each month prior to the dance jam.  This poem was sourced from the many times I had the honor of witnessing her, both as she moved, and as she joined me witnessing the field of movers, within the circles of that loving community.  Jane

Higher Self Sits
Higher Self lovingly sits and holds space
Higher Self lovingly sits and sees,
Lovingly sits and feels and breathes.

Higher Self sees the breath as eyes meet eyes
Mouths drink essence opening wide as if to speak…yet no words suffice the depth.

Higher Self lovingly sits over flowing with empty expectation holding all forms.
Light and dark, dark and light, and light and dark, dark and light,
And Mama lion tumbles and wrestles with her son as movers move and sounders sound,
Limbs entwined in familial bonds strengthened by blood and conscious guiding.
And Guardian woman listens for truth, her ahhhhs, uuuummms, and yeesssess gravitate her where she is needed.

The Compassionate one witnesses, holding space for authenticity to find safety and unfold her wings.
She welcomes Laughter’s tears adorning cheeks like liquid jewels.
Reflecting the light DeviKirn sits witnessing all with quiet strength and understanding.

We sit bathed in her light.
Bathed in the light, our light, her light, all light and dark and light

We lovingly sit, hold space, and feel and breathe.

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