Poems from Laura Hays

Deep Listening”

This deep listening to body impulse is radical
like what babies do
explore without agenda
seeing cooing touching toes
it ’s unlike anything we do in daily life
most of our waking hours we direct our bodies from point A to point B
purposefully attempting to get somewhere or accomplish something
proprioception is in the joints, to join, one English word for different things
today my toes head spine hands all want to contact wall
gently press both sides of head with palms
back body settling into quiet restful stillness
amazed that i am still amazed after all these years of listening in this way
i soak up the fullness
and witness the infinite possibilities…10/19/15, Laura Hays

"Sanity and Madness"

Spine on earth
feet on earth
blue sky
green pine needles
brown leaves clinging to November branches
seven women and granite boulders deposited by glacier
large enough to hold the pain of the world and speak of the unspeakable
130 slaughtered in cold blood in Paris
hundred of thousands fleeing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa on leaky boats and worn feet
the Middle East catching wild fire like the parched trees in California
When do we humans lay down our weapons and choose love?
who will protect us from ourselves?  11/2/15, Laura Hays

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