Response from Aileen Crow..her plan and her dream

Aileen wrote me her response to the upcoming gathering both in the sense of sharing a potential plan for how to move virtually (Skype) and your dream for the future of AM to be used more by the young, old and less abled to experience embodiment.

Here are her words:

At 90, last summer I fell and broke my hip. After re-hab I now walk with a walker.  Im not driving.  I am fortunate to have many skilled Authentic Mover colleagues / playmates, with whom I interact via Skype. This is much of my social life.  Yeay!

I miss dancing, and big, strenuous movements, but thanks to Authentic Movement, I truly understand spontaneous movement and embody it to my own satisfaction. My colleagues and I exchange Authentic Movementmoving and witnessing sessions on Skype. (So far it’s free.)

With one long-time partner, we sound and tone, also on Skype. What we can’t do is also stay in physical touch, as we might do in person or in a peer group. But sounding together is a great substitute, and often bizarrely unusual and satisfying. We keep it spontaneous. 

I agree with a commonly expressed desire to attract younger people to the charms of Authentic MovementI am also eager to encourage older and/or disabled people to benefit from the improvement both in self trust and icompassionate relationships with others that Authentic Movement nurtures. Identification with one’s Inner Witness, whether moving or witnessing others,  is one of the true benefits of  Authentic Movement, available at any age.

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