Galleries for Images by Kathy Chowanec

The Authentic Movement Community Blog would like to open the door wider to the visual realm, by creating personal galleries of visual art images or creative forming results. We hope you would enjoy seeing your creative forming pieces from a gallery perspective of a whole group of your own work and a group of other's work as well. There is a strong belief that our mind/body tells us things through our artistic expressions. Most pieces currently on the AMC Blog are narrative. 
The idea is to have a place for art strictly from authentic movement experience.  We are inviting artistic expression that has happened in conjunction with a movement session. These galleries  are not for art that has been judged, juried, or awarded any level of expertise. These galleries  are not to be art work that is for sale anywhere else. 
This is an invitation to send photos of art pieces you may be shy about showing. They can be entered anonymously, or not. This is an opportunity if you want to have comments on what others see in your expressions.  
From a personal standpoint this idea came about because I think I’m shy about pieces “I don’t like”. I’m not sure what that means. They are certainly mine, a part of me I love, and yet it would be courageous to have others see them. So I think I need to let others see them to surpass my fear of these art pieces being ugly, unfinished, or out of character, the shadow in me. Putting them on the blog allows me to set them free, see them from a longer lens, be non judgemental about them. They now belong as a part of the blog gallery. I can claim them, or not and decide to remain anonymous. I hope you join me in posting images. ---Kathy Chowanec

Send your images in an email or email attachment to Elizabeth at
Please include any titles or wording you would like posted with your image.  We need written permission to publish your images and any pictures of you.

Kathy invited the September Reunion of the Facillitator's Group to try these Galleries.  Below are six galleries as our first effort.  Witness response welcome!   

Kathy Chowanec's Gallery

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