Spiritual Practice

Yes, AM is a spiritual practice for me. As a yoga teacher for 40 years I’ve learned to appreciate the awareness of breathing as a beautiful practice for gaining access to the unconscious. And in Jungian thought this is a very spiritual process. Other somatic disciplines such as Feldenkrais, Continuum, tai chi, Sensory Awareness, trance dance, and sports have entered into my personal and idiosyncratic path of finding my way towards awareness. I practice out of doors a lot, even in the dark at thirty below zero F in the interior of Alaska where I live. A thousand dollars worth of expedition equipment make this quite comfortable and quite mystical. Moving in two feet of powder snow generates a relationship to gaia and gravity. For one thing, one can fall any time and land on a soft, springy cushion. Higher vibrations seem to manifest in different ways when it is cold and dark. I learn to appreciate the shadow and the yin as well as the light and the yang.
© 2008 Teri Viereck


Germaine said...

Teri, what an intriguing and well spoken perspective on the spiritual aspect of AM. I can see you in your 'MT Everest' gear now, your weight giving way fullness and white powder. lol.

Thank you. Germaine (Fraser)

Anonymous said...

How can I post a photo?

Ann McNeal said...

As it says on the right-hand column,
"We also welcome photos, drawings etc.
Email us!"

Elizabeth Reid from Averill Park, NY said...

Great photos! I hope everyone knows they can click on the photo to see it larger and catch the wonderful expression on your face. I am in Florida for the first time this winter and without that wonderful snow. But I am headed back to it soon. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty of snow.

Ann McNeal said...
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