The joys of blogging?

A recent note from a long time member of community described himself as shy and unpracticed at communicating on a blog. As editors we are aware that we are challenging many of you to a new mode and one that may be keeping us in our seats too often and not moving.

But I just reread many parts of this blog and find it so inspiring. The comments we have so far are helpful and remind me that the practice is a great source of joy to me.

One advantage of this form is that you can take your time with it... go back and reread and savor other's thoughts on these subjects. I myself and still thinking about how to respond to Aileen Crow's thoughts about my article. It has been in my mind for a couple of weeks now and I am still not sure what I want to say, but it is nice to know that when I am ready to write the blog will be there. So even though it may be a response to something written a while back anyone can respond anew and refresh the conversation.

A great part of the joy of practicing is a deepening sense of myself. I hope the blog can bring us all into deeper and broader conversations.

© 2008 Elizabeth Reid


Anonymous said...


Thanks for inviting some dialogue.

I am computer shy as regards trying to show up on a blog with meaningful communication.

Maybe shy is not quite accurate, maybe unpracticed and thus not clear as to how I would navigate communicating in this environment. I feel in a similar way to times when I;ve tried to change my commuting habits. I know the bus is there, that it could get me where I;m going but I have this inner hurdle of energy, like the extra energy water takes to go from solid to liquid, that slows my move from one habit pattern to another. This is actually the theme of an article I've been meaning to write and post on our blog but see how far it's gotten so far.

Love to all,

Michael Gardos Reid

Anonymous said...

michael, i'm waiting with bated breath on that article....... i'd love to hear your voice on this.-- germaine