Art and Authentic Movement by Aileen Crow


Knowing as we do that Authentic Movement and art often stimulate each other, we’re starting a new project,

A U T H E N T I C   M O V E M E N T   A N D   M Y   A R T.

 Y O U  A R E  I N V I T E D 
to send us photos, drawings, art writings or videos of your art, along with your writing about your art experience.

More than one example is welcome.


Today, Aileen Crow shares with us an example of one of her AM / art experiences.

Over years as an AM mover, I’ve found that certain movement motifs have repeated themselves spontaneously, and with no apparent meaning - at first.

 One of these that seemed significant and mysterious, was one that had two different dynamics in my two hands, at exactly the same time!  My right hand fluttered up above my head in delight, while my left hand thrust itself aggressively forward in an “effyou’" gesture.

 I drew them: 

and I named them Rebel and Delight. (It reminded me of Laban’s category: fighting or indulgent.)

I made a sculpture of her and painted her; her right side is pink and glowing, her left is a sickish green.

Words started to come with the repeated fighting movements.”Don’t tell me what to do!”  “….what to think!”  “…..what to eat!”  “….NOT to eat!”   I ask, "Who gives you uninvited advice?   Left side answers: “Dogmatic New Age Fatheads.” I ask, “Whose advice would you welcome? “  Right side answers: “Shirley Turcotte, Aboriginal Trauma therapist, who elicits a humorous mix of strength and joy."

My drawing talent is spontaneous. When people talk, I ‘see” their relationships or their body attitudes, or their emotional issues. I often “see” them as cartoons. I’m fortunate that this visual sensory channel comes to me so easily.  I think we need access to all our sensory modes, {visual, auditory, proprioceptive, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory), especially the ones that seem to be “missing”! 

Each one may hold a treasure!                                

Creating a dialog to me is a way of being my own mover and witness. And my art enriches that process.  I’ll do more of that and I’d like to hear your story!

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