International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association October 17th, 2015

1:00 ~ 5:30 PM 
  The Lucid Body House
230 Lexington Ave in NYC, NY 10016
Join fellow ISMETA members as we gathering for group reflection on the Future of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy.

Open Networking and Free workshop for members of ISMETA ! Voting members elect new Board Members and approve Bylaw changes.  See ISMETA web site to become a member by paying their annual member fee.!event/2015/10/17/ismeta-annual-meeting-free-workshop-for-ismeta-members

In honor of Mary Stark Whitehouse and The Authentic Movement Community, this years Annual Meeting Workshop is focused on exploring how Authentic Movement deepens all Somatic Practices.

Featured Presenter, Long time ISMETA Member:
Paula Josa-Jones, RSMT, MA CMA 

We are pleased to have a presenter who has a broad and deep history with somatics, including the work of Laban, Authentic Movement, Body-Mind CenteringⓇ, Somatic Experiencing, and more.

In Bodyscape/Landscape, facilitated by Paula Josa-Jones, you will focus on learning to hold and expand awareness of the relationship between your inner somatic landscape and the outer world by connecting awareness and impulse to action. Using movement, stillness and strategic listening, you will explore the relationship between inner and outer attention as it unfolds within the practice of Authentic Movement.

Authentic Movement is a practice that can enliven and anchor your practice as a movement artist and somatic movement educator and therapistFor practitioner and client alike, Authentic Movement can provide a greater sense of agency and self-regulation. By helping clients develop trust in their own intuitive, bodily guidance, it supports and expands their attentional and expressive capacity.

Paula will lead the class using an integration of Authentic Movement and other somatic movement disciplines.

"A recipe for entering the body: 
Attention: because the body is precise. 
Listening: because the body is subtle. 
Kindness: because the body is tender." 
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Please note: ISMETA is working on a pilot program to virtually connect our members not able to make it to the Annual Meeting in person.  If you can't get to the Annual Meeting in person but want to participate in the discussion and dialogue with us and other members, check the web site for more information:!event/2015/10/17/ismeta-annual-meeting-free-workshop-for-ismeta-members

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