Witness to a Conscious Death by Janet Adler

Janet Adler's essay concerning her experience of her Mother's eight day fast into death is now published in an online magazine called Natural Transitions: Conscious, Holistic Approaches to End of Life Volume 3 Issue 3. It can be accessed through The title of the essay is: "Witness to a Conscious Death".

Below is a copy of the magazine.  Janet's article starts on page 39.  Free access to the magazine can be gained by registering on the web site.  This version is hard to read so access through the web site may take some time but would give an easier read. 

Here is the letter I got from them when I registered:


thanks for subscribing to the e-version of our magazine.
We are glad that you are joining this community of those who support conscious, holistic and green approaches to end of life.

We recently decided to make Natural Transitions Magazine a biannual publication.
This is because we realize it is the only way we can realistically continue to produce this wonderful vehicle to connect those in our movement.

Our volunteer team is dedicated and passionate, but the magazine is costly to produce.
I am also hoping that I can encourage you to make a donation - even JUST ONE DOLLAR for each issue you read and find valuable.
You can DONATE via our website at

Of course, we want you to read and spread the word about the magazine whether you donate or not! Our mission as a NON-PROFIT is to educate.
Best wishes - and enjoy our current issue. 

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