Authentic Movement: Expressions of the Inner Landscape: AM Film By Ingrid Baart

I'd like to share with you the film on AM that is made in cooperation with a filmmaker I met last summer.
The first part is on a location I used to do the retreats, the second part are all movers I know well and enjoyed being part of the film and in doing so helping to let grow a larger AM community.
Of course there was a delicate balance between spontaneity and the set up for the film.
But somehow we went with the flow and didn't force because of the film or trying to be as clear as possible to teach others about AM.
Also deep personal content is left out.
It is a flavor, an impression of how AM can be used as a discipline that may lead to deeper personal insights.
Much of my own personal insights as well as the practice of the discipline, I have received from my teachers and the movers of my own circles who are my mirrors.
I can not emphasize enough how I/we learn in relationship to others.
I'm very much grateful for that.

Love, Ingrid

Dear Ingrid,
Congratulations on your new film on Authentic Movement!  It's gorgeous, and so good to see the inclusion of the many elements: movement, witnessing, eyes open work, art, writing, some of the attachment/neuroscience aspects, spirit, nature, and more!   Our work together over the years in Tuscany feels richly interwoven, and it's lovely to see you, your studio and students as you bring the seeds from your studies with me and others to flower there!
I’m so glad to see the film posted on the AM Community Website ~ it’s a beautiful resource as it communicates so directly; a wonderful contribution to our field!   Brava!
In the dance,
Love, Tina


Germaine Fraser said...

Ingrid, this is such a lovely effort to capture the practice. I so appreciated it. thank you. love, Germaine

Frouke Kuiken said...

Dear Ingrid,

I am very touched by your film. I sense it as deep, profound, lively and creative. Thank you so much. Wish you all the best. Love, Frouke Kuiken