Gratitude for the Fourth Anniversary of the Authentic Movement Community Web Site

It did not really occur to me what a delight it would be to create a presence for the Authentic Movement Community on the web. When we began this venture in a brainstorming session of the International Gathering in June 2006, I only knew a handful of folks from our community. Four years later I am familiar with over 400 names of people who participate on some level with the practice of Authentic Movement. Renewals for the Directory have been steady with over 25 updates in the last few months. Thank you for keeping your listing up to date with us! Not a month goes by that one and usually many more write me to express their gratitude for the work of the site. For example the response to our anniversary notice included these notes:

I am so grateful for the Community, for the first year with the A Moving Journal and now for the blog. I would love to help more, but I don´t know how because my life in Brazil is really busy. I have no money to support. My way is to continue the work here, to create a group which is studying the practice and its theories and in a long term, I would love to have here in Rio like a Conference. And I have preparing myself to write more. Thanks Elizabeth for everyhting and share my gratittude to everybody. Authentic Movement became my first teaching and practice. A basic practice for creating also other practices .... Much love, Soraya

Wow Elizabeth, you guys have been doing such a huge service to the world AM community, and doing so with grace, insight, and solid, creative and clear principles. real leadership. congratulations and thanks and kudos to you all. truly! Daphne Lowell

Would love to contribute - will send (small) donation today - I don't take part much but so need your presence! Thank you for being there. Kedzie Penfield

A gift was given in our name to provide seeds for one acre community garden through the Seva Foundation.

So . . . . I am the one who gets to hear all this gratitude and take it in, but I hope that you also get the message sent back from me and all of us who work on the site of how grateful we are for our community.

Sending the message back to all of you ... Thank you! Elizabeth

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