From INGRID BAART, an Authentic Mover in Netherlands, a witness response to the recent election in the US.

Congratulations, American women!

Today, even in a small country such as the Netherlands, I was clustered to the television and followed with joy and passion Obama's inauguration. For you I imagine it is a time of celebration and change. But also for many others all over the world it feels like that, celebration and responsibility, so clear in Obama's speech.

I was 10 years old when Martin Luther King was shot. It was a traumatic event, I couldn't believe people were able to do such injustice to other people. Because of that, I wrote his speech "I have a dream" in a little notebook. I wanted to save his words. I can still picture myself sitting, carefully writing on those pages. I expressed my feelings of helplessness and of hope by copying his words.

"I have a dream" and "Yes, we can," are both expressing so much our dance of life, our life energy and life power. The dreams we express in our dances are the embodiment of our dreams and life energy. In the act of dancing, we express we can, and I am. While expressing our dreams and images, we share an universal mind and a common hope and faith.

To me, but not only to me, this is an important day, the little child in me is heard and thrilled with joy and new dreams!

With love,

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