On doing and not doing AM

by Teri Viereck

When describing AM, I would prefer to use some verb other than "doing" AM. When I use the verb "doing" AM, it seems that I am not receptive enough to invite the witness or the messages from the unconscious.

We are not human doings, we are human beings. The same issue arises in yoga, tai chi, etc. And it sounds so much like a duty to say that I "do" my AM. Then I might feel guilty because I did not do it. How about "I practice my AM" or "I get in my yoga practice". Or "I explore AM".

Words make a difference in our bodies. Consider the difference between "Lift your arms" and "Allow your arms to come to lifting". Try it.

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Kat said...

I love the reminder of Being; how we can surrender to this form, this practice, and allow arm to find itself lifting. I do want to also name the other side. I think back to 3 decades ago, while studying with Joan Chodorow, Trudi Schoop came to SB to visit and worked with our peer group. I laugh when I remember her a bit aghast at all our surrendering movements. She insisted we get up and find our will. Janet writes of the flow between surrender and will in this practice. Trudi had us literally saying as we moved: " I run, I jump, I leap, I am furious, I am happy etc" . There are times when our clients, or our own psyche's need to remember the willful doing parts of ourselves too. Yes? I find it interesting to see that I am bringing this to this forum, for the first year of my experience of authentic movement in therapy back in 1976 I went into the deepest being place I had ever known as a young adult, in front of another person (Joan). I needed to stop being a human doing and surrender. So that is in my rooted self. But--
and +, let us also include i LIFT my arm! as well. Thanks for starting this discussion. Kathee Miller

yogidancer said...

Good words, Kat, thanks.
Tell me, how do you know
when to lift your arm and
when to surrender?


mari luz zul iram said...

Hello from the other side of the atlantic ocean. I was just told that the journal turned out into a community blog and I just arrived. It’s quite amazing for me, so this strange discipline that I follow has a community, you are here and I can contact with you…

Now I am ‘willing’ to participate!

Reading the post and the comments I would like to ask you (let’s say I cannot talk about this with my neighbours) to see if this makes any sense to you and from my personal experience: isn’t there a moment when there is no difference between moving or being moved, between surrender or will? Does this make sense to any of you since you have such long practice?

Thanks very much for this space and congratulations,

mari luz, spain.