Witness Consciousness and the Development of the Individual

Thank you to Catharine Scherer (see post re. Thesis Survey) and others for asking about my thesis on Witness Consciousness. The whole thesis is now posted on my web site:
I welcome any responses. Paula

Witness Consciousness
in the Development of the Individual

This phenomenological study documents the development of “witness-consciousness” through three data sources. A survey of forty Authentic Movement practitioners, representing a thirty-year span of experience, shows long-term transformational development of the individual. A six-session group study of four “movers” and two “witnesses” reveals how cognitive capacities develop within individuals in the context of relationship. The third source of data highlights the
connection between Authentic Movement and contemplative inquiry and offers evidence that movement, stillness, and perception play a role in the act of bearing witness to the unfolding of consciousness. Through the triangulation of the data sources, a continuum of cognition becomes apparent that is inclusive of intellect, imagination, and intuition.

The findings of this thesis confirm the rich contribution of the moving body to human development, and emphasize how quality of relationship shapes adult transformational growth.

© 2008 Paula C. Sager

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Catharine said...

Paula, what a rich thesis!

I have downloaded it to study which I will in sections as I am called and create the time.

Thank you for the depths of your work.