A self arisen case of "authentic movement"

Forrest Smithson (Santa Rosa, California)

In 2005 I experienced a clear opening within me that the opportunity to heal into wholeness was before me. Briefly after that the words Radiant Heart became part of my regular thoughts. Those specific descriptors have been with me ever since.

About the same period, I had a desire to attend to some physical issues that had afflicted me for some time.

I discovered a Rolfing specialist with a very intuitive approach and worked with her for 8 months. A surprising byproduct of this physical therapy was an ability to map out my inner being, to locate and follow my energetic process as it revealed itself to my awareness, and to discover my own inner silence.

Concurrently I was experiencing more frequent occurrences of intense emotional triggers.
I resolved to respond differently to whatever arose. I sought out a gifted transformational therapist, Roberta Godbe, to assist me and worked with her for several months. This personal work quickly moved towards finding my own personal meditative process, a key element of which was a self informing process of organic movement.

As I moved into this self arising process, I again desired to work with someone on very specific terms. I found another very gifted practitioner of transformational coaching and embodiment, Amrita Davidson. My inner guidance was very strong at this point. I enrolled her to work with me, for a couple of hours every week, in total silence, and for her to follow, support and accompany my meditational movements and process.

For some time, the process of transformation and embodiment was quite intense. However, the self informing process and accompanying revelations were consistently reliable, in spite of being completely non-linear and experienced out of time, and the process was highly reinforced by the unfoldment of innate and highly personalized abilities and an expanding awareness.

After working with Amrita for about a year, an unwavering certainty led me to move to a place of complete reliance on an inner authority. I continued to deepen my personal practice. And even though I embraced much of this process in private spaces, I was continually directed to bring subtleties and nuances of this process within my ordinary daily life, and is now deeply embedded within my moment to moment awareness.

I frequently made notations of the discoveries and expressions of this process as it has evolved. About a year ago I decided to set up a personal website for making entries from those notations. This can be found at

Many times while this process has been unfolding, I have sought for forms of corroboration. Interestingly enough, at every turn, if I felt the need, I was able to discover outside forms of information that described practices or experiences that were similar to mine. One of which is Authentic Movement.

However, because of the deeply personalized and uniquely tailored course of my process, I have never felt a need to adopt or follow any formal practice, as I am being informed from the inside out, so to speak. My coming to know of myself and existence is through my direct and ongoing encounter with the unknown.

For myself, the act of expressing from wholeheartedness, of sharing from unity awareness, actually activates, deepens and evolves the pathways of truth within me, moving me through the maintenance of unity awareness towards sustainability of the awareness of all that I truly am.

In my case, the body prayer of authentic movement is a ceaseless motion of surrender into the openness of receptivity and acceptance, experienced as unity awareness within ordinary life


© 2008 Forrest Smithson


Elizabeth Reid from Averill Park, NY said...

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story!

Anonymous said...

And thank you for the blog site where I resonated with your elegant words describing your energetic awareness insights.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is the first time I am checking into the blog. I came online today because I was seeking a sense of community. In this story I found a sense of "corroboration" for my feelings - just the idea that one's feeling life sometimes does need the support of witnesses, like the wonderful practititoners you found to help guide you in your process of self reliance.