Moya Powers Keating: Authentic Movement as a Spiritual Practice

Hello friends,
I have been invited to give a talk for the Circle of Wisdom at The Community for Peace and Spirituality in NYC. The invitation was to discuss my spiritual path. Immediately, Authentic Movement came to mind.

Brothers and Sisters in movement, do you experience AM as a spiritual practice?
As Aileen has do we take the practice into our life? Do we always have to be with a witness?
How is AM different from/similar to meditation? Is AM a form of meditation?

Any and all topic of discussion in relation to AM and spiritual practice is welcome.
You are all my teachers!

Moya Ⓒ2007 Moya Powers Keating


Tom said...

Hi Moya,
What a wonderful invitation for you and great topic for you to address. Thanks for letting us know about it and also seeking comments. Maybe Jean, Julie, and St. Sue will join me in commenting.
I am keeping this brief for now to be sure I can sign in correctly. If it works, I may say more.

Tom said...

So it worked.
Spiritual practice.
I love how AM/CD grounds the practice in the body. I think of the magical moment when I go from moving to being moved. A moment of surrender. I willfully go out to move but then I must surrender to what arises. Sometimes nothing happens. I am just practicing. That is ok. Or a witness may say something after I share about my movement, and what had seemed ordinary lights up. Recently I moved in honor of two who had married. When I stepped forward from having embodied their marriage ceremony, I found myself dancing with someone in my arms. I felt a powerful commitment to the dance of relationship wherever it or my partner might take me. Now I and my body hold this new sense of marriage and relationship. I loved the dance and dancing and the sense of my partner only being lightly held but there to follow or lead or just be.
I have loved reading too that connections and feeling connected are central to spirituality.