Encouraging Blog Interaction from Aileen Crow

Hello, people!

Let’s have a little more interaction! Let’s have some dialog, some complementary and/or contrary opinions about AM practices and beliefs. Just to keep us lively and learning from each other, so that AM doesn’t become just another system with one right way to do it.

How about you telling us your experiences with issues like, for example:

Do you do AM by yourself? If not, what stops you?

Does one have to have an external witness present in order to do AM?

What is your external witness allowed to do while you’re moving?
Does he have to stay in the same place as he was when you started?
Can she watch lying down?
Can he sleep?
Can she laugh out loud if she thinks what you’re doing is funny?

Do you do any kind of movement warm-up before AM?
If so, what works for you?

How about you telling us about any experiences with repetitive movement patterns that for a time you didn’t know what they meant? Did the patterns resolve themselves over time, and how? Did unexpected meanings appear? Did they fade away, or were they replaced by other patterns?

Or, how about telling us all what you’d rather talk about than these subjects?


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Tom Webb said...

Great invitation.
Shall have to give these topics some thought.
Thanks for getting this going.

Anonymous said...

I love the invitation to share and hear ways of practicing!

I find myself often doing AM on an
outdoor walk alone. It is just who I inner witness is alive with nature as my outer witness....

I ask myself, what is going on in me that my inner witness is so loud sometimes and so quiet other times? What witness is active when I am making visual art, or singing?

Big thank you to all the editors and Aileen for prodding us into