Witnessing Somatic Experience in Maya Lila

By Emma Meehan

I wrote an article on about my experience of witnessing in the Maya Lila performances of Joan Davis, an Irish choreographer who works with Authentic Movement. As a participant-researcher, I have tried to deepen my understanding of Davis’ approach by interacting with the work on a practical level. In attending training modules with Davis, I have been particularly fascinated with her emphasis on tracking and reflecting on experience through different layers of witnessing. This is what I hope my writing grapples with, as I seek to find a way of articulating my relationship with the work, rather than attempting to document Maya Lila in an objective way. Please follow the link if you would like to read the full article, and I welcome any responses.


© 2010 Emma Meehan

Anonymous said...
I could not get into the link.
Emma said...
Hi there, you could go to, my article is on the lower left side under Recent Articles. Emma