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 2008 amanda judd


 2008 amanda judd

Living within the world of appreciation

Is it not wonderous that this growing desire to move into our authenticity, our original sense of ourselves, our given selves, is being so supported and reinforced on every possible level

That the invitation to embrace all that we are is being presented within our ordinary lives and appears to be perfectly tailored to honor our own uniqueness

That not only the possibility but also the actuality of this emerging awareness of our existence within a joined reality is upon us

That the truth of who we are is being shared in so many ways, is becoming visable and felt by so many, that there exists a true livable sense that something both natural and miraculous is occuring within and around us

And at every instant that we bring our willingness, wholeheartedness and choiceful participation to bear upon our own arc of unfoldment, our embodiment of wholeness, that all of existence is simultaneously and mutually enhanced

That our aliveness and awareness exists within the means of this accomplishment being so, to live fully and uniquely as the love that we are

 2008 Forrest Smithson

Your words sparkle like diamonds,
Teri V.